EFTA wish to welcome people to volunteer in their project activities including conducting training to community based on the following areas:

i/ Strategic animal keeping and agricultural management as a means for bringing economic relief in order to minimize threats, malnutrition and poverty, (focus processing of Banana, tomatoes, Avocado, Mangoes, Pineapple and oranges, Vegetable processing and preservation and mushroom production)

ii/ Environmental conservation and Uses of environmental friendly domestic cooking fuels

iii/ Initiation of small sustainable livelihoods project (focus on micro business development). EFTA also welcomes volunteer to teach in Rural primary and secondary schools depending on the time available for interested individuals and instructions are provided regarding the school, teaching curriculum and other necessities may be required before involving in the voluntary work.

EFTA welcomes individuals and professionals to volunteer in carrying out research work through the district which normally carry about three to four weeks. Titles based on the area of studies are available in the organization office. The interested individuals; group or organisations in this special community project may make contact.